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Storageroomz – App, Branding & Web


Storageroomz is a collective of internationally based entrepreneurs that saw to create a storage community lending and sharing unused stroage space. In 2016 Storageroomz setup shop and since then we've built our ReactNative storage application.
My role as Founder and User Experience Designer meant I had the opportunity to create the entire Storageroomz brand and product presence. To guide and shape the product there were many challenges but as a small design and Dev team 1xMe & 2x FE+BE Devs we built and deployed the Storageroomz app to the Apple store.

Storageroomz is a collective of internationally based entrepreneurs that saw a need to create a storage community for stroage and storage spaces. In 2016 Storageroomz setup and since then we have built out and tested our application built on ReactNative.
My role as Founder and Lead Designer meant I had the opportunity to establish and create the entire Storageroomz brand, product and digital presence. Below are some snapshots of the Strageroomz product I have produced.


Storageroomz – Local, community storage for anyone!
Low cost easy and local storage options, Store anything anytime. Useful for any storage situation for those that want to make space, store seasonal equipment... As well as the possibility to rent and monetise your spare empty spaces.

Storageroomz Mock up

UI Brand & Design

Storageroomz product UI, User experience and component library UI.
This is Storageroomz. It is a product and brand that has been in a constant cycle of improvement on improvement and one transformed from the most basic of basic MVP wireframes. Storageroomz has been designed, re-worked, re-thought and designed again! We worked ferociously constantly improving the product as we grew and learnt more as a group and brand. As Lead designer I was responsible for establishing the brand and the entire Storageroomz product UI & UX. We wanted to encourage and create a storage sharing 'community' so we created the platform starting with an app built on REACT Native which gave us flexibility to scale with the idea to reuse the core code for app and web services. We worked very quickly as a group making decisions fast which drove the conversation from marker and paper through to the working product and brand. We presented at Start up themed talks such as - Tech Hub London and released the Storageroomz Beta into the UK and US iOS app store.

The UI designs below are a snapshot of the Storageroomz design styles and guiding principles.

Storageroomz Mobile App
Storageroomz Web Mock up
Storageroomz UI component library