2015 - 2016

Role / Deliverables
UX Design
UI Design


Bupa Global – Digital Transfromation


The selected client works spanning across one and half years on the Bupa Global account. These work examples are a combination of project UI and UX designs from sketches and wireframes to final UI design developed and built.

UI/UX - Home page redesign

Home page redesign, this was one of three proposed new home page designs to help guide and provide users with the right context to their serach when landing on the Bupa website. One of the core focuses for new customer aquisition was to validate and capture information early on in the journey which what the Madlib - typeform concept below tackles. The design helped address the need of getting specific information from the users liketype of insurance offering, country of residence as some countries were excluded from coverage. The conversational friendly style suited the brand tone of voice had the user interact by using the predefined drop downs to complete the simple sentence and progress to find the right information easily. 

Bupa Quote Funnel Website UI

UI/UI - Wellness Quiz

A part of their company wide strategy to provide that extra premium touch to it customers, we helped define and design the Wellness quiz. The concept was simple, 10 multiple choice questions and informative answers relating to general health and well being. A user could choose to reveal their score and full list of answers plus professional advice by signing up to the Wellness newsletter and community. The final web app was used as targeted campaign and reused across multiple countries and languages.

Bupa Quiz UI Mock up

UI / UI Design

The selected works here are examples of the processes illustrating the thinking and application of stakeholder briefs and design initiative. The different works span across one and half years on the Bupa Global account and show the variety of briefs. The examples are a combination of methods and tools I typically use to form a idea from sketches and wireframes to final design concepts.

Bupa Website Travel ins funnel